Step-by-Step Blueprint

The MAP STARS online course includes everything you need to teach kids about bullying and conflict — even if you have little teaching experience.

You do not need to be a martial artist to teach these simple MAP STARS movements included in the program videos. This interactive action based class is popular with children.

It's designed to be easy, organized, and efficient so that you can start helping kids deal with bullying and conflict right away!

  • Created-For-You lessons to make sure you're covering everything.

  • Downloadable curriculums to keep you on-track while teaching.

  • 20+ videos showing you Martial Arts for Peace movement, roleplays, and other interactive activities.

  • Detailed instructions for every lesson, roleplay, and activity.

How Does This Program Help Kids?

In our fast-paced, high-stress, and competitive world, kids need a safe place where they can have the freedom to explore themselves and the world around them.

They also need more than traditional academic skills. Kids need to learn many day-to-day life skills to successfully cope with every day challenges.

In a friendly space, kids need to be allowed to inquire into the essential questions of what it means to live with intelligence, to create healthy guidelines for their behavior, and to be able to understand and resolve conflict peacefully.

By teaching the MAP STARS program, you can help kids:

  • Learn what prevents peace

  • Reduce stress by providing positive outlets

  • Understand the importance of healthy living

  • Train in a safe environment to protect themselves

  • Improve academic confidence

  • Learn to be considerate of others

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We've been teaching Martial Arts for Peace worldwide for over 30 years. Here's what some of our students and teachers have to say:

MAP STARS provides “hands-on” solutions to the problem through the use of comprehensive books, curricula and fun, youth centered activities.

Shelley Teal, Program Coordinator
Reigh Allen Centre
Nova Scotia, Canada

I would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for partnering with us in developing a pilot project that will assist youth at risk in gaining skills and insights on how to cope with conflict in their lives.

MAP STARS has helped me to understand that bullying is in fact a learned process.

Takemi Iwasawa, Educator, Japan

This bullying program is crafted in ways so children and the teacher can unravel and break free from this type of destructive conditioned thinking.

When you learn nonviolent alternatives, you are better able to defend yourself and have the confidence to not fight.

Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle

Once you understand why another person wants to fight with you or why you want to fight with them, you can think about fighting before you actually fight. You can stop yourself from reacting out of fear and think about what you can do to prevent a fight from ever taking place.

Along with any interest in learning how to stop bullying and an understanding of why bullies bully, the third thing you need is to develop nonviolent skills to deal with bullies.

Reasons you may may be interested in teaching this program

  • MAP STARS online course is designed so that anyone can teach it. If you're serious about helping students with bullying, this course is for you.

  • If you're concerned about teaching Martial Arts, the movements included in this program are simple to teach and understand. They are not part of a Black Belt program.

  • MAP STARS is good for anyone who really wants to help kids with conflict. This course walks you through each lesson and includes in-depth notes, instructions, and videos so that you can teach with confidence. Plus, we encourage teachers to explore questions together with their students, so you don't need all the answers!

  • Why use Martial Arts to teach peace? The Martial Arts for Peace in this program form a compleate conflict-education and character-development program. Teaching Martial Arts for Peace can be enhanced by teaching conflict avoidence and resolution. Combining these three components provide kids the ability to prevent conflict, resolve it before it gets physical, and the conflidence to humanely manage physical conflict (if needed).

  • You only need to dedicate a few hours a week. This course is designed so that you only need to be a few steps ahead of your students. In fact, you don't even need to complete the course to begin teaching. You can learn alongside them!

  • Unlike other bullying programs, this course looks at the root causes of bullying and encourages students to explore all sides of a situation. Through this exploration, students learn to think deeply and use their intelligence when confronted with conflict. Kids learn how to prevent, resolve, and manage conflict. Unfortunately, many bully programs focus superficially on the tertiary or management level after a conflict has already occurred.

  • Bullying and conflict affects all of us, even into our adults lives. Bullying and conflict may often seem like a very challenging issue, but by helping kids learn to cope with bullying and conflict in a safe way, they'll become capable of dealing with it throughout their entire lives. Everyone is capable of making change!

Who Is MAP STARS Good For?

The MAP STARS online course is designed so that anyone can teach it, but the following professions are especially well suited to use the program:

  • After School Program Coordinator: This is an excellent opportunity to provide kids with the MAP STARS program to help them develop confidence to deal with bullying.

  • Community Center Employee: Suggest teaching MAP STARS as a new after-school or summer program. This can be an excellent opportunity because you don't need any marketing or administration skills and can focus on teaching.

  • Counselor: Use these skills to help kids better cope with conflict by offering them social and emotional support.

  • School Teacher: The MAP STARS skills can be naturally incorporated into the classroom. You can read stories, ask questions, and engage in fun activities such as roleplay or games throughout the day.

  • Workshop Presenter/Trainer: You can be paid or volunteer to present this program to educators, counselors, school administrators, law enforcement, businesses, and others who want to add these skills into their workplace. These skills aren't just for kids!

  • Summer Camp Director/Employee: Summer is an excellent opportunity to teach this program because parents often need their kids to go somewhere each day while they work. This allows you to explore complex issues of character development and conflict education in-depth.

  • Martial Arts School Instructors: This program is ideal for a martial arts school camp where kids can learn healthy ways to mentally and physically cope with bullying. This program has been used by martial arts schools internationally due to the efforts of Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle.

  • School Violence Consultant: MAP STARS has also been designed to address school violence. The program creates a safe and controlled environment to explore the nature and structure of violence and how to stop it.

Why did we create this course?

Words from our founder

“When young people gain confidence through the MAP STARS physical skills to face a bully, they will then be able to use the valuable mental skills they learn in this course to get out of the conflict. They access their intelligence instead of their fearful fight or flight instinct. 

In all my travels teaching I always wanted every parent to be able to help their children in this way. I saw that without physical confidence, children didn’t have all the skills they needed to deal with the bully.”

Jean Webster-Doyle, Director of MAP STARS

Pricing Options

We aim to make MAP STARS accessible to everyone. Please select an option that works for you. You will receive access to the course and any updates for the lifetime of the course.